Clear Streams

This page leads you to all things, which are live streamed. It can be an introduction to another element of the artist work; in can be a conversation or the artwork itself being streamed live.
Once the live moment passes, the streams stay on this page in archival form readily accessible.
The live or archived works can be clicked on, otherwise the page acts as an agenda informing you when is the next live stream taking place.

Bosa Mina

GALOBA | night 2

Marina Orlova

Low Frequency (This Is Not A Podcast)

Bosa Mina

GALOBA | night 1

Nazar Rakhmanov (inside)

POKROV working title

Nazar Rakhmanov (outside)

POKROV working title

Nazar Rakhmanov (now/ live)

POKROV working title

Artist Talk Antonella Fittipaldi

A shameless dance of your throat

Agnec Fraukunts

LONG LASTING DREAM. \\ Utopian fantasy to escape.

Devika Chotoe (join live)

Stereo Atypical Healing

tim faraus (join live)

Motor for Hope