Clear Streams


Agnec Fraukunts

20th June 2020

LONG LASTING DREAM. \\ Utopian fantasy to escape.

I'm entering this Space, where everything might happen. Road goes through hundreds of others, along what I could see. I'm dancing in the dust of collapsed wishes, dreams, needs, memories, fantasies. Escaping in place that exists like a shadow, celebrate what is given…

.tfel si tahw dna

There is a room for something to be.

The live session took place on 20th June 2020.
Visitors were invited to interact with the work.


Wave of gratitude to Aitana Cordero Vico, SNDO tribe, Frederick Rodrigues, Mala Kline, and everyone who are part of this journey.


Agnec Fraukunts. A young artist based in Belgium. Mysterious creature, wild and loving.