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Bosa Mina

30th June 2020

GALOBA | night 1

GALOBA is a performance that happened at night, and will be streamed at night. It started from 7 tones, 8 images. The sounds and images are inspired by Eastern lament songs and noise music that establish over a long time with a morphing and insisting penetration. A lamenting chant uses a very limited set of notes that through repetition of harmonic variations elevate into complex structures. The title "galoba", is the word for chant in Georgian. In Slavic the same root gives the name to seagull, and pigeon.

The main theme Milo Moje Zlato (direct translation "my beloved/dear gold" from Serbian) is seductive and obnoxious like the song of the sirens, it insists and then bangs and thrusts, always back again, to where you were at night.

*NOTE: The content occasionally uses flashing images and disturbing sounds to offer a journey in and out of daze.

For full experience keep lights off, be close to your screen and use external speakers.


Creation and set: Bosa Mina Sound: Bosa Mina /soundcloud: @ccocc/ Performance and camera: Omid Tabari, Oskar Petzet, Bosa Mina
Technical production and advice: Frederick Rodrigues and Stephanie Lühn

Thank you Oskar Petzet, Omid Tabari for power and trust; Roman M Nefeli, Jonatan Om, Leri Matehha, Nikola Knezevic for ever inspiration, and Joy Mariama Smith for your support. 


Bosa Mina has since 2013 lived in Iceland, Serbia, Israel and the Netherlands, studying dance, visual arts and performance. She finished a Bachelor in Fine Arts at Iceland Academy of the Arts in 2016. She started producing music at home this March.