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Nazar Rakhmanov (outside)

21st June 2020

POKROV working title

pokrov means cover
welcome, not under cover by the way, we are aware that it is no more than fabric of a screen
still much love to be together, thank you
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text on the ground:
I want time didn’t exist
I want sin didn’t exist
What does it mean to have skin?
What does it mean to have face?
To have colour, to have fashion?
What does it mean to have land or to belong?
What does it mean to have blood?
What does it mean and what does it take to touch the ground?
I am very old fashion, shame but fun.
I am always dirty with blood and shit with my insides.
I have constructed this primitive suprimitive hermitage
for my primitive unsupremative body

In attempt to ask myself
what am I beyond the fashion of my body, the gaze of somebody?

I admit that it liberating and tragic at the same moment.
but what if time/sin didn’t exist
then it would be beyond stupidity, shame, ambition, desire, fascia, internet, liberty, tragism, wealth or other fashion.

but why do I welcome you here
in certainty of time, sin and technology?
hallo privet and other greetings

Russia, Udmurtia, Izhevsk, June 2020


POKROV by nazar rakhmanov
cube: flyura mullakhmetova, kseniya nevrueva, nazar
outside camera: denis riabov, zahar testoedov, liza slepova
drag: @kiracocaine_ (ruslan kosarev)
advisors: taka taka, jija sohn
rework: keren levi, igor dobrichich
music: pakhmutova a. n., big children's choir of central television and all-union radio
technical support and organisation: frederick rodrigues, stephanie luhn
specially thankful to kseniya nevrueva, larisa and mansu rakhmanov, flyura mullakhmetova, children of 9th podlyesnaya street

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