Jelle Haen

1st July 2020

From Aris with love

When Aris is at her deepest point of despair after she’s been long left alone, she decides to host a party. But as the night falls, guests start disappearing… Who is Aris, and what does she want?

For this film the following movies for sounds/lip-synch are used: Bride maids A Single Man


Jessica Matheson, Nikola Knežević, Paul Elie and Thibaud Dooms

Background music, in order of appearance:
Dot in the Sky - Drapers Majesty
Scuba vs SCB
Baudelaire - Serge Gainsbourg


Jelle Haen is performance artist born in Nijmegen. He currently studies BA choreography at the SNDO in Amsterdam. He works as a male and female model and is mother of 30+ wigs.