Radicles - Film Festival Launch



Adam Jönsson

25th June 2020


Dance and seduction. The city is telling you something and showing you places that in a away talks to you. Sex and traces of love can be found in the locations, the bodily movement and the spoken thoughts. Inside the environment and the mind there is a longing to express oneself and to get answers. Somehow through atmospheres around them, the city will answer, the body will answer and the piano will answer. The answers will be of love and confusion. Questions and observations can be made. You want sex but the place is not right. You want love but the communication is not clear. You want what you want but you do not know if wanting is enough.
The story is queer and the body is there. The power of all the queer gods are flowing vigorously through me and I thrive of the richness in the power with poise and gratitude.


Marta Popivoda (Filmmaker and video artist www.theoryatwork.org)
Camiel Zwart (Regisseur/Producent www.blackframe.nl)
(Teachers and advisors of the film workshop that generated this film)

I filmed, performed and edited the film myself. But I took support from friends and lovers.


Adam Karl Håkan Jönsson (he/him). First year student at SNDO, School for New Dance Development, BA Choreography. Adam joined the SNDO family in the second semester of the first year in 2020. Previous student at Stockholm University of the Arts, BA Dance Performance 2018-2020.
Adam Jönsson is a dancer, dance maker and performer. Music, theater and dance are present in his works since he is all around and versatile. The future holds secrets and plans yet to reveal.