Radicles - Film Festival Launch


25th June

Radicles ::: the first part of a growing plant embryo to emerge from the seed during the process of germination ::: As plants in a mycorrhizal romance, SNDO1 will present nine film projects that grow, nurture, and exchange through a myriad of fungi connections. They are radicles, because they deal with their radical roots, deep in the soil, far below the forest floor. They are fungi films facilitating life, standing up for lives, breathing oxygen into forest walks and forest fires. The festival will launch on June 25 2020.

Featuring films by Rene Bizimana, Alexander Blum Bertelsen, MingJou Chen, Asia Deinekina, Julius Frodermann, Corina Mitrovici, Caner Teker, Adam Jönsson and Nicolas Van Laere.

Teaching and supervision: Marta Popivoda and Camiel Zwart; SNDO 1 mentor: Ria Higler; Advising tutor and artist: Setareh Fatehi; SNDO Production and PR coordinator: Stephanie Lühn