Video Hills


Alexander Blum Bertelsen

25th June 2020

1990 ( Evoking resistance )

 _1990_ cruises through popular myths of dykes protecting gays from homophobes. It is a land acknowledgement of Ørstedsparken and a naïve attempt at translating the spirit of the 1990 Queer Nation Manifesto. It is the strong sisters telling their siblings about coming revolutions: First, that we’ll get our a—es kicked. Second, that we will win.

_1990_ is the sketch to a method of resistance and political movement. Behind the scenes, it is a choreography of care in times of thaw, care for the self and care for the precious other. There is work to be done. I believe we’re working through a politics of friendship ::: "Then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid."

Informed by the 1990 manifesto ‘Queers Read This’, archive footage, and Audre Lorde


with Alen Alfonso Nsambu, Malika Sia, Adam Jönsson, Martin Dover, from Alexander Blum Bertelsen.
Gratitude to Marta Popivoda and Camiel Zwart, and power to queer siblings persevering through life and love and so on. 


Alexander Blum Bertelsen (26/180/64) works within the intersection of political method, activism, and movement. They are a coastal child oscillating between Copenhagen and Amsterdam, where they study at the School for New Dance Development (SNDO). They host the e-reading group _Bodies that read together, stay together_ and rant at Medium under the name @faggotfairytales. HMU if you’re in the mood.