Video Hills


Rene Bizimana

25th June 2020

Still I rise

The story is about a middle-aged man called Kigeli. He lives in foreign country (The Netherlands) far away from the country (Rwanda) he was born in. He is facing many challenges externally and internally, his identity has been shaped heavily, even though it is very confrontational he is willing to face the part of himself which he is most scared of.

He undergoes an inward journey in order to face his darkness, because he knows the shape of darkness covers the light, the path forward towards liberation can only be achieved by facing it.

The story is about Kigeli celebrating his blackness through movement in nature. He tries to find connection to his inner beauty. In order to find his inner beauty Kigeli needs to face and embrace his inner darkness/dragon in order for his black magic, black proudness to blossom like wildflowers during spring.


Camera operators
Inge Rietberg
Daan Steensma

Music by
Destination Sjaelland
Healing nature & meditation

Video assistance
Marta Popivoda
Camiel Zwart

Production & PR coordinator
Stephanie Lühn

Alan Watts
Maya Angelou

Rene Bizimana

Edited by
Rene Bizimana


My name is Rene Bizimana, first year SNDO student. Born in Rwanda, Africa I came to the Netherlands with my family when I was 8 years old. Throughout my life I have been fascinated with (traditional) dance. Various ideas have reached my conscious mind. During my time at SNDO I will explore and experiment with these ideas.